A Short Introduction to Customized Mobile App Games by Toy Lounge


The mobile developers’ world today is roughly divided in half in terms of operating systems, with a creeping majority using the iOS platform. Of course, some people may argue that Androud actually has the bigger foothold, but if you think about the US market, in terms of both population and penetration, and you will realize that an iOS app is the way to go.

iOS app development for finance, social networking, wellness management, life insurance products, gaming, map and store apps are all becoming important facets of the online experience, just as important as basic utilities and the internet access itself are.

mobile-apps-for-businessTherefore, when it comes to app development for iPad and iPhones – or if you have a good idea for an app – you’ll need people who are skilled in iOS mobile game app development. It’s not just about a beautiful design for the interface. It’s also about design details, fun factor, aesthetics, and proper functionality. The experienced mobile app developer from Toy Lounge will be able to execute what’s in your head into a fully functioning mobile game app.

What you should look for in a mobile app game developer

Of course, while there are many mobile app developers out there, you should look for the following key factors or details when hunting for the person who will make your app:

Familiarity with programming languages and tools

They still need the traditional programming skills, including knowing all the necessary programming languages, instead of just adapting existing apps to something that will work for you. Toy Lounge knows their way around mobile app creation and development. They also need knowledge of audio and video codecs that can be used for apps, multi-platform 2D and 3D APIs, XML, and JSON.


Experienced in OS integration

It’s one thing to know how to build an app, but it’s another to know how well it will interact with the iOS operating system under real-life conditions, with other apps also interacting with it. In other words, the beta testing should be minimized by the developer’s experience in having an app that works in a cluttered and possibly highly interactive operating environment.

Must know how to document app development properly

This may be more of an internal matter, and Toy Lounge guarantees accurate documentation of the app’s development, features and design details, just in case someone else has to work on the app in the future. This is also important for approvals when presenting the app for approval to the Apple Store.

What are the advantages and challenges?

The main advantage of iOS mobile game apps is, as mentioned before, the market share. Apple undoubtedly has more apps in terms of sheer number. The iOS is available in two major devices- the iPhone and the iPad. Due to the consistently high demands for mobile app games for both of these products, it’s not hard to believe that more companies, even individuals, are looking into translating their game ideas into reality. This is where Toy Lounge comes in. With experienced mobile app developers and creative designers on board, they are sure to deliver quality gaming experience like no other.bring-your-iphone-4-back-up-speed-with-these-6-easy-tweaks-for-ios-7.w654

Mobile Games by Toy Lounge

The mobile device platform has created a whole slew of games that literally are meant to while away time – and in some cases, this has turned into a practical addiction, such as Angry Birds and Jewels. Mobile gaming’s maturation means that just like the old Palm and Symbian games, this market is now wide open for profitable app development. Granted, the trick is to come up with a good game idea, but without an experienced developer such as Toy Lounge, you’re hurting the chances of your game being a breakout hit.

In the end, an experienced developer from Toy Lounge is worth his or her weight in gold, as he or she will help you fulfill your goals for your app with as little bumps on the development and long-range path as possible