Kids Toys Are Not As Good As They Once Were

stencil.default (5)I don’t buy toys for kids very often (but I always check Life Shield HQ to find tips on how to get cheap life insurance rates), so it probably seems strange that I would even try to offer an opinion on this subject. Even so, it is alarmingly clear to me that the ones that are currently available are not as durable as the ones that were around when I was a little one. I remember my siblings and I having the same toys for years, and it is not like we were particularly gentle with them or anything. In fact, my brother was so rough that he could have been a monster truck driver with ease.

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Every Christmas my mom used to buy him a Tonka truck. They were made of metal back then and I really do not think an average kid could have broken one even if they wanted to. A couple of years ago, I saw one in the store and it was made of cheap plastic. We all know that will not last as long. Considering the fact that this was once the best toy maker on the market as far as durability goes, I am left wondering who rules the toy market now.